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Peak trading and distribution security - handling additional employees without additional security resources 

Peak trading brings thousands of new, often unvetted employees into our businesses, many of which are honest, hardworking individuals. However, it’s the minority that pose a major theft challenge which impacts not only profitability but also availability of goods and a retailer's / brand's image.

Within distribution centres the lack of effective exit procedures and technology suitable to detect the wide range of products being stocked means that it can be easy to steal. High value items are easy to conceal on the body and the loss prevention team have a hard time monitoring thousands of individuals. With unemployment rising and COVID-19 challenges, this winter is set to be challenging for LP teams around the world.

There is a solution.  Thruvision’s Loss Prevention Camera (LPC) can easily ‘’visualise’’ all types of products and operates at a “safe distance” of 3 to 4 metres.  This removes the need for physical search and in turn speeds up the exit process meaning happier staff, and by reliably detecting non-metallic items as well metallics, Thruvision improves security effectiveness.

Customers tell an average of nine people about a positive experience with a brand, but they tell 16 people about a negative experience*. 

Top Tips for Successful Security Checks at Peak:

•  Flex the shift start and end times to allow safe distancing within the exit and locker areas.  This also allows the
   security teams to maintain high levels of searches.

•  If using a randomiser, make sure it is a ‘’hands off no touch’’ version that is COVID safe.  

•  Screen 100% during shift and then adjust to 20% at end of the shift for queue management.

•  Place the clocking in and out equipment away from the exit doors to avoid a bottle neck.

•  If space allows, consider opening additional security lanes to support peak volumes.  Many companies will lease

•  Utilise technology such as Thruvision to keep security effective and safe.

A key driver for ecommerce success is ensuring full product availability for sites and customers that support retailer and brand ecommerce operations.

A failure in products reaching the end user can break customer loyalty, increase operational support needs (customer service for instance) and risk damaging the brand's reputation. Not receiving items as advertised or worse receiving empty packaging is understandably frustrating and in the age of social media can be brand damaging. 

Having Thruvision installed is proven to reduce theft by up to 90% meaning that businesses can maintain optimum levels of stock and meet customer demands quickly.

*Source Forbes.com

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