Retail Environment 

— Feb 26, 2020

Coronavirus - warning over shortage of clothes

Primark’s owner Associated British Foods (ABF) has warned there is a risk of shortages of some clothing lines later this year if delays in factory production in China are prolonged because of the coronavirus.

— Dec 18, 2019

There is litle to cheer about this Christmas, says BRC report

There will be a number of challenges facing retailers this Christmas, according to the latest British Retail Consortium’s Festive FAQ 2019/2020.

— Dec 11, 2019

Incident Reporting Best Practices

The key to moving unknown to known shrink.

— Dec 11, 2019

Ringing in the Changes

Where loss prevention meets lost property in the recycling, reuse, and repatriation of mobile devices.

— Dec 2, 2019

Shoppers feel more comfortable with self checkout

Shoppers are becoming increasingly used to do-it-yourself self checkout (SCO) technology, with 40 per cent having used it in the last six months and 60 per cent saying it improved their customer experience.

— Dec 2, 2019

Experts unclear on Black Friday performance

The Black Friday period could see sales growth of two to three per cent, although there is “a very real possibility” that it could be flat and the lowest sales figures ever recorded, according to IMRG, the industry association for online retail.

— Oct 28, 2019

Store-based profit margins at breaking point

A brand new report highlights more bad news for the UK High Street with store-based profit margins plunging by more than half in eight years, pushing swathes of retailers to ‘breaking point’.

— Oct 28, 2019

Small retailers are biggest crime victims

Small to medium sized retailers were the biggest target of crime in the last year, according to the latest survey from the Federation of Small businesses (FSB).

— Sep 28, 2019

Holiday firm loss adds to High Street woes

The collapse of package holiday company Thomas Cook has added to the woes of the UK High Street.

— Sep 28, 2019

Card payments overtaking cash on the High Street

Consumers spent more money on credit cards with UK retailers last year than they did in cash, according to a report from the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

— Sep 25, 2019

The Fallout of Holiday Peak on Supply Chain

— Sep 25, 2019

From Lapland to App-land

Achieving the Peaky Blinder Effect

— Aug 22, 2019

Retail report highlights inappropriate behaviour

With gender politics high on the political and business agendas in the wake of the #MeToo campaign, a new study has revealed that one in 10 retail workers – equal to 319,000 staff – have experienced inappropriate touching of a sexual nature in their current workplace.

— Aug 22, 2019

Lost in transit

Tote box and roll cage ‘repo’ firm saving retail supply chains millions of pounds

— Jul 25, 2019

Extent of empty shop fronts revealed

New figures released by local councils have revealed that 15.9 per cent of all shops in the UK now lie empty.

— Jul 25, 2019

Retail woes with worrying fall in sales

UK retail sales volumes fell at their fastest pace since the financial crisis in the year to June, according to the latest figures from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

— Jun 26, 2019

The 'disappearing' high street?

The scale of decline in bricks and mortar retailing was crystallised this month with a report highlighting that more than 20,000 shops have ‘disappeared’ from the high streets and communities they once served.

— Apr 30, 2019

Technology Driving Retail Job Losses

The growth of online shopping and new technologies has driven a loss of almost 75,000 retail jobs since last year, according to new data from the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

— Mar 28, 2019

Online retailers caught in the net of catfishing

More than three quarters (80 per cent) of consumers now consider post-purchase and delivery experience as fundamental to their desire to buy again from the same retailer, according to a study which found that customers feel ‘catfished’ if they are passed from one company to another.

— Mar 28, 2019

Department stores risk extinction, says report

A new report from Forrester has warned that department stores risk being a thing of the past if they do not embrace the future.

— Mar 27, 2019

The Waste Land

"Refuse refugees" and the "new narcotics" of environmental crime

— Feb 28, 2019

Taxpayers foot the bill for failing stores

Failing stores are costing UK taxpayers hundreds of millions of pounds, according to new figures.

— Feb 28, 2019

How no-deal Brexit could impact shoppers

Retail industry bodies from the UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland have come together to issue a stark warning on how a no-deal Brexit will affect shoppers.

— Dec 19, 2018

Shoppers don't trust retailers with their data

A staggering 87 per cent of consumers do not trust retailers with their personal data, according to a recent survey.

— Dec 19, 2018

Has online bubble burst as return to sender increase is on the horizon?

The bubble for increased online sales over Christmas may be about to burst as ASOS and Boohoo report profit warnings and a new report predicts that the value of online returns are forecast to increase to £5.6 billion over the next five years.

— Dec 17, 2018

Why Do People Steal?

Examining the Robin Hood complex

— Nov 30, 2018

Germany looks to the UK for online sales

British cities and towns may be playing host to German street markets this Christmas, but German shoppers are themselves targeting UK online retailers for their purchases, according to new research.

— Nov 30, 2018

Black Friday proved a black day for the high street

Early data from Friday’s sales event shows online transactions were up 55 per cent on last year between midnight and 10am and up 46 per cent overall, with online shopping continuing to surge throughout the day and into the so-called ‘Cyber Weekend’.

— Nov 30, 2018

Retailers must take network connectivity more seriously, reveals CSL Group survey

CSL, the leading provider of secure connectivity for machine to machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices in mission-critical applications, has published the results of a study that highlights how UK retailers are failing to address connectivity concerns and how this is having a negative impact upon operational procedures.

— Oct 30, 2018

Report highlights sluggish online sales in September

The juggernaut of Internet shopping appears to be slowing down, with UK online retail sales in September growing at their lowest rate - 7.5 per cent year-on-year - since 2014, according to the latest IMRG Capgemini online retail sales index.

— Oct 30, 2018

Serial returners could be banned by retailers

Nearly half (45 per cent) of retailers are planning to ban ‘serial returners’ – those shoppers who deliberately and regularly buy multiple items with the intent to return some.

— Oct 30, 2018

Are we losing App–etite for frictionless payments?

More than half (52 per cent) of online small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) globally worry that the move to frictionless payments - such as transactions that take place behind the scenes in apps - is leaving them more open to fraud and will negatively impact revenues.

— Aug 30, 2018

UK leads European cashless payments

The UK leads the continental cashless payment market generating £81.3 trillion in electronic transactions, almost double the amount spent in any other European country, according to new research from Expert Market.

— Jul 30, 2018

Retailers 'prioritising' sales ahead of fraud prevention

Six in 10 retailers believe that lost sales in digital channels are a bigger concern than fraud, with 48 per cent stating that they are willing to face an increased risk of fraud if it means more sales.

— Jun 29, 2018

From shipbuilding to shop building

Belfast reinvents itself as Centre of Excellence in tackling retail crime

— Apr 29, 2018

Retail industry worst hit by cyber attacks

Cyber attacks in the retail sector are becoming more organised and structured, according to analysis of threat intelligence and breach incidents.

— Apr 29, 2018

Digital wallets 'are the near future', suggests research

Retail sales using smartphones look set for a major increase in the next 12 months, according to the latest research.

— Apr 29, 2018

Retail industry suffers from 1,060 reported incidents of shoplifting every day

Recorded store theft has reached new epidemic proportions, according to the latest research from global loss prevention solutions provider Checkpoint Systems.

— Mar 28, 2018

Why lone working should mean you are never alone

Lone working is increasingly commonplace in retail environments as it offers many benefits to businesses. But what are the risks and what should retailers be doing to protect their staff?

— Mar 28, 2018

Positive approaches to challenging behaviours

Tackling anti-social behaviour and abuse towards retail workers is back at the top of the priority list for many retailers.

— Mar 28, 2018

Dressed to kill

From counterfeit to counter culture. How that look-alike “Little Black Number” funds the black flag of hatred

— Mar 27, 2018

Risk-averse consumers still wary of wearable technology

Despite the hype, consumers are still wary when it comes to the security of their payments, according to a new survey.

— Mar 27, 2018

Violence and aggression factor in retail crime stats

Two new crime reports published this Spring point to a rise in violence and aggression against retail staff, compared to previous years.

— Mar 27, 2018

'Beast from the East' brings online benefits

While ‘bricks and mortar’ retail sales suffered at the mercy of the Beast from the East keeping shoppers at home, it was a fairer outlook for online purchasers, according to the latest research.

— Mar 27, 2018

Wagamama has ‘app-etite’ for 'just go' technology

Restaurant chain Wagamama has announced the launch of Wagamamago – an app that enables customers to simply walk out of the restaurant once they have finished their meal, with payment automatically taken from their account.

— Feb 27, 2018

Irish police warning over iTunes scam

The Republic of Ireland has become the latest territory for fraudsters using iTunes as currency by duping members of the public to purchase gift cards.

— Jan 30, 2018

Self-service theft equates to £5 per person, per month

Britons are stealing £3.2 billion worth of goods from self-service tills each year - equating to around £5 per person a month.

— Jan 30, 2018

UK Government raises awareness of the signs of money laundering

The UK Government is raising awareness of the signs of money laundering and the risks firms and professionals face if caught facilitating or failing to report financial crime.

— Jan 30, 2018

All systems go for Amazon Go

Amazon has announced the opening of its first Amazon Go supermarket in Seattle, which has no checkout operators or self-service tills.

— Dec 15, 2017

Make customer journey more enjoyable, says research

More than three quarters of UK consumers believe that retailers are not doing enough to make shopping in-store enjoyable, new research has shown.

— Dec 11, 2017

The Importance of Peakonomics

For most people in the Western world, the seasonal build up to December 25th is like living inside a snow globe that is shaken once a year to release the magic of Christmas.

— Nov 28, 2017

55 per cent of Chinese shoppers

China’s love affair with British brands has manifested itself in 55 per cent of shoppers purchasing their ‘little corner of England’ online in the past three months and spending an average of £104 per month on UK goods.

— Oct 30, 2017

An equal split between bricks and clicks

Half of British retailers are finally taking a joint approach to investing in the physical and digital shopping experience, new research has found.

— Oct 30, 2017

Wind of damage sweeps through Ireland

Ireland is facing a huge financial storm as the cost of Hurricane Ophelia could reach as high as €1 billion.

— Sep 28, 2017

Collaboration on food waste reduction

In the English language, the word “set” reportedly has the most number of different meanings - 464 according to the Oxford English Dictionary.

— Sep 28, 2017

Modern supply chains continue to hide a dark secret

In 2013, when she was Home Secretary, British Prime Minister Theresa May wrote in an editorial for the Telegraph, “It is walking our streets, supplying our shops and supermarkets, working in fields, factories, or nail bars, trapped in brothels, or cowering behind curtains in an ordinary street: slavery.

— Aug 31, 2017

Robot stores could open new doors

Stocktaking could soon become a totally automated daily process for large stores after US supermarket Schnucks began trials using robotics technology.

— Aug 31, 2017

Millennials and mythology - the future of shopping

The future of retail could be a lot more physical and less digital than first thought, according to new research across Europe.

— Aug 31, 2017

Brexit could bring food shortages

The British Retail Consortium has warned that the UK could face food shortages as a result of Brexit if the UK does not resolve issues around customs processes.

— Jul 28, 2017

Click & Collect Returns Research – Retailers Needed

The ECR Community Shrink and OSA Group is looking for retailers to participate in a short telephone survey with the academics from the University of Portsmouth who are looking at the loss prevention challenges related to the "buy online, return to store" customer proposition.

— Jun 30, 2017

Taking stock of stocktaking

Everyone knows that the first rule of managing shrink is being able to measure it.

— Jun 30, 2017

Col-LAB-oration Retail Meets Research in Laboratory Conditions to Create LP Solutions

Great retail ideas are seldom created in a vacuum, especially in the country that introduced the flat-pack furniture revolution to the rest of Europe.

— Apr 26, 2017

Ghost in the Machine

The fashion industry is losing out by a staggering €161 trillion in revenue due to overstocks, out-of stocks and returns, according to new research by IHL Group which refers to the phenomenon draining the sector as the ‘ghost economy’.

— Mar 29, 2017

Health and Safety Dispelling the Myths

As a young boy, my dreams and aspirations didn’t include wanting to be a health and safety professional.

— Mar 29, 2017

Fixing Shelf Out-of-Stocks

In the mature and highly competitive European retail sector, ensuring that the right product is on the right shelf at the right time is critical, yet the problem of shelf out-of-stocks remains as stubborn as ever.

— Mar 29, 2017

Morrisons minds the gap

One of the UK’s leading supermarket chains has announced the success of replenishment technology that uses artificial intelligence to keep the store shelves stacked and reduce out-of-stocks.

— Jan 31, 2017

Forget BREXIT – business rates could kill High Street

Despite many heralding Brexit as the key deterrent for international businesses to set up shop in the UK, new findings have revealed that the complex business rates system could be more to blame.

— Dec 15, 2016

Return to sender as Christmas marks the rise in serial returners

Barclaycard is prepared for an increase in ‘serial returners’ – those who deliberately over-purchase and return unwanted items – over Christmas.

— Dec 15, 2016

Just Walk Out

Online giant Amazon is entering the world of hassle-free physical shopping by allowing people to walk into stores, pick up what they want and leave without paying – seemingly.

— Dec 14, 2016

Seeing the bigger picture

There are few things as frustrating for a loss prevention leader than discovering product packaging they know will promote shrink, which could so easily have been prevented if those who created and approved the packaging had included shrink reduction in the initial design criteria.

— Nov 21, 2016

UK retailers have black outlook on Black Friday

The number of UK retailers that see Black Friday as an “unprofitable and unsustainable promotion” has doubled over the last 12 months – rising from 32 per cent in 2015 to 61 per cent this year, according to new figures.

— Oct 27, 2016

Tobacco Group Fights Crime

The Tobacco Retailer’s Alliance (TRA) has called on the Government to do more to fight against the sale of illegal tobacco in independent retailers.

— Oct 27, 2016

Participate in the ECR Community research project on omni-channel returns

Shoppers love “click & collect”: they can order their favourite items online and then collect, at a time that suits them, from their nearest store, saving them money and time waiting in for a delivery.

— Oct 6, 2016

Getting to Grips with Losses and Costs in Retailing:

We are all familiar with use of the word "shrinkage" to describe the losses experienced by retailers, although it is impossible to find any industry-wide agreement on what it actually means or the types of losses that are typically included when it is used by different retailers.

— Aug 31, 2016

UK Card Fraud the worst in Europe

The UK saw Europe’s largest annual jump in card fraud losses for 2015, according to a new report from analytic software company FICO which has released an interactive map of European plastic abuse.

— Jul 29, 2016

Skies no longer the limit

Amazon is partnering with the UK Government to test the various technologies that may one day make the delivery of parcels by small drones a reality.

— Jun 24, 2016

UBER enters the home delivery market

Online fraud managers looking to drive down losses and improve service standards within the carrier community have been set a new challenge as Uber has announced plans to be the latest player in the home delivery market.

— Jun 24, 2016

PM warns retailers over living wage abuse

The British Prime Minister David Cameron has formally warned retailers against undermining the new national living wage after high-profile stores were accused of trying to bypass the regulations.

— May 31, 2016

Swedish Retail Crime - A Bridge That's Not Too Far

Europe’s love affair with Scandinavian crime drama has taken a real life twist as the Swedish Retail and Wholesale Council (Handelsrådet) and The British Society of Criminology (BSC) plan to co-sponsor an international seminar on retail crime taking place in Stockholm on 15th September.

— Mar 30, 2016

Notes from a Small Island

The UK’s Journey from Paper to Polymer Banknotes

— Mar 16, 2016

Irish store theft the highest since 2004

Retail theft from Irish stores is the highest it has been since 2004, according to figures from the Garda Síochána.

— Feb 25, 2016

New ‘living wage’ will cost almost £4 bn per year to retail sector in next four years

The new national ‘living wage’ to be introduced in April will cost retailers a staggering £3.26bn per year in extra pay, national insurance and pensions, according to a new study by the influential Centre For Retail Research (CRR).

— Feb 25, 2016

The PM is thinking outside the box

The UK Prime Minister David Cameron has announced that criminals will no longer have to ‘tick the box’ that reveals past convictions on job applications.

— Jan 27, 2016

Charity thefts are a grey area

Gifts of clothing and other stock donated by the public to charity shops that are left on the retailer’s doorstep outside of opening hours are at risk of theft and may not be protected by the law, according to one retail loss prevention specialist in the not-for-profit sector.

— Dec 16, 2015

Cutting the carbs in all shapes and sizes

Carrefour has partnered with the Gueules Cassées (Ugly Mugs) collective to introduce the 'Tous AntiGaspi' (All Against Waste) range to its French stores as part of its efforts to reduce food waste and reduce its carbon footprint.

— Dec 9, 2015

Where Cash is No Longer King

Taking Note of Nordic Countries Going through the Change.

— Nov 30, 2015

'Black Friday' took on new name in France

While the US and the UK took advantage of Black Friday bargains, the event had to take on a new identity in the French capital.

— Oct 29, 2015

Basket cases

5p plastic bag charges driving customers to steal baskets

— Oct 29, 2015

Bank of England encourages retailers to check banknotes over the festive period

Retailers and businesses will be much busier than normal over the Christmas period and often employ temporary staff, so there is an increased risk of counterfeit banknotes being passed.

— Oct 2, 2015

Will bag levy increase store losses?

England is following the rest of the United Kingdom in introducing a 5p charge for single-use plastic bags next week in an effort to spare the environment from the billions handed out by UK supermarkets every year.

— Oct 1, 2015

High street far from dead, says report

The growth in online is not likely to kill the high street, according to a new report.

— Jul 7, 2015

Walking the walk, but talking the ORC

Defining organised retail crime in Europe and the US

— May 28, 2015

Not so many happy returns

Satisfaction with online shopping remains buoyant, but concern is growing over ‘returns’ policies getting more ‘draconian’ which could impact sales, according to the latest IMRG Internet retailing survey.

— Apr 29, 2015

European gangs are ‘bagging’ millions in charity donations

Organised international gangs are targeting charity donated black bag collections which are preventing international fundraisers getting aid to the world’s needy, according to watchdog groups Clothes Aid and

— Mar 25, 2015

Farewell Big Society, Welcome BID Society

Why Europe is bidding for the BID Movement

— Mar 2, 2015

Think before you drink after international crackdown on ‘windscreen wash’ alcohol

Dangerous fake alcohol some of which is made from harmful chemicals including windscreen wash have been seized by UK Trading Standards working with Interpol and Europol.

— Jan 27, 2015

‘Don’ is no longer just short for Donald in Aberdeen

Scottish city is identified as top mafia base with interests in retail and catering.

— Nov 28, 2014

Global Economic Retail Crime getting worse, says PwC Report

Global economic crime impacting the retail and consumer markets is on the rise with almost half of respondents to a global survey being impacted.

— Nov 28, 2014

During the festive period, take extra care when checking your banknotes

To help protect your business, the Bank of England is reminding you to ensure all banknotes being passed in transactions are checked and to ensure all staff know what to do if they suspect a banknote is counterfeit.

— Oct 27, 2014

Santa’s Little Helpers – help themselves

Tips and guidance on how to handle seasonal worker screening.

— Sep 29, 2014

Bank fraud increase on the cards

New figures released by Financial Fraud Action UK show that card and remote banking fraud increased during the first six months of 2014.

— Sep 29, 2014

European ATM crime on the increase

Cashpoint or ATM fraud is on the increase, according to the European ATM Security Team (EAST) which has just published its second European Fraud Update for 2014.

— Aug 15, 2014

Charity checks out retail mental health

A leading retail charity has announced a new partnership which hopes to turn around the growing issue of stress and depression in the workplace.

— Aug 15, 2014

‘Hard’ Luck for business data losses

Hard disk drive crashes on desktop and laptop PCs continue to be responsible for the highest volumes of data loss by UK businesses and home users, according to new research from Kroll Ontrack. Two thirds (67%) of respondents said that HDD crashes caused data loss, compared with 14% who blamed human error and 10% who said software failure was responsible.

— Jun 26, 2014

New deal to secure European Supply Chain Security

Three powerful European transportation organisations have joined forces to reinforce cross border supply chain security. The International Road Transport Union (IRU), the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA EMEA) and EUROWATCH, specialising in police response to security incidents across more than 40 European countries, have signed Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) to jointly contribute to reducing losses incurred by the international supply chain stemming from criminal activity and security breaches.

— Jun 25, 2014

Whistle where you work

Reports Say Corporate Whistle Blowing across Europe Is in Crisis.

— Jun 23, 2014

UK Retailers welcome European Parliament vote on payments market

European consumers could soon benefit from a radical overhaul in the relationship between retailers and the banks over the cost of processing card payments. The British Retail Consortium (BRC) has welcomed a significant vote by MEPs in the European Parliament for a comprehensive overhaul of the European payments market.

— Jun 23, 2014

Biometrics in Loss Prevention

Biometrics refers to the quantification of human traits or characteristics into data that can be used for two main purposes: to identify and/or to validate. The most common forms of biometrics include facial recognition, fingerprint, iris, palm-vein scan and voice biometrics but other biometrics also exist to include things like ear shape and odour.

— Mar 20, 2014

Scan 'scams' research gets underway

A far-reaching global research project is under way into the uses and abuses of mobile scanning in store.