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Why do people confess?

Have you ever asked yourself that question, or had someone ask you?  Let’s be honest, typically confessing is considered a bad idea.  But as we all know, people do it quite regularly. 

Research has shown that people choose to confess for three reasons. 

- The primary reason people choose to confess is they are convinced that they are caught.  Believing they have 
  been caught, they decide they may as well talk about what they have done. 

- The second reason is people want to put their spin on the story.  They want to provide reasons or excuses for 
   their actions.  This is done by the confessor to save face and attempt to minimise the seriousness of what

-  The third reason is sometimes people just feel guilty and want to get it off their chest. 

Please keep these reasons in mind as you prepare your interview strategies.  The WZ method will allow you to convince your suspect they have been caught and provide them with the opportunity to save face. 

If we accomplish this, we should see an increase in admissions and decrease their resistance during the interview. 

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