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Using educated guesses to develop information

During the truth seeking interview, you will often find yourself developing information beyond the scope of the initial investigation.  In many instances, the investigation may only reveal the tip of the iceberg.  The interview process allows you to expand on what’s known as you continue to explore with the inquisitive who, what, where, when, how and why.  But how do you get your subject to provide more information? 

Remember, your subject knows more about what they have done than you.  During the development phase you want to continue to expand on the truth getting as close to full disclosure as possible.  Making educated guesses about what else they could be taking based on previous admissions is one tactic you can apply. For example, if someone has stolen an iPod...ask about cases, headphones, chargers, iTunes cards.  In other words, accessorize the original item by making educated guesses.  Using this approach will give you the opportunity to get closer to the true scope of involvement.

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