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Submission.  What does it look like?

Submission during the admission gathering interview is an indication that your subject is in a position to co-operate with the process.  Time and time again I have heard very experienced interviewers say that submission always looks like this. 

Guess what, it can also look like that. 

Submission is not a physical state, though there may be physical traits associated with submission.  Your subject can either make an emotional decision to submit or a rational decision to submit. 

The WZ Method is a rational approach that will lead someone to take either path to submission.  The emotional decision may be much easier to identify as it involves more exaggerated behaviours including tears, sniffles and emotional outburst.   

The behaviours of a rational decision to co-operate may be very subtle.  When you are conducting your interviews please don’t always look for this, because you might miss that.  Ultimately, submission equals no more resistance.  Instead of asking yourself, “Is this person in submission?” ask yourself, “Is this person still showing signs of resistance?” 

Both questions should likely lead you to the same result, but the second option helps us keep an open mind for identifying both paths to submission. 

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