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Let’s avoid the argument

One aspect of the interview process that we must remember to avoid is arguing with your subject.  Many times this is exactly what your subject wants you to do; start an argument so then they can begin to take control of the interview process.  

If your dishonest subject is able to pull you into an argument they have now reduced the conversation to a simple level that allows them to defend a position and reduce their cognitive load.  When a subject attempts to start an argument, they expect you to respond in kind and continue down that path.  You should respond by remaining calm, avoiding the argument and staying focused on your current course of action and ultimate purpose of the conversation.  

Arguing with honest people can be problematic as well.  The honest subject is likely trying to convince you of their innocence and if you don’t listen to their perspective, it only angers them further and may create a greater issue for your organisation.  Stay calm at all times and avoid arguing with your subject.  It does not help the process and can hurt our credibility.  

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