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How many types of lies?

When trying to obtain the truth from a dishonest employee or a suspect involved in another type of criminal investigation, we will typically see five types of lies that can be told.

These lies would include:

Lies of Denial

This type of lie will involve an untruthful person simply saying that they were not involved and contradict the truth; no.

Lies of Omission

A lie of omission is often referred to as the ‘lie of choice’, as the person using this method can always blame the interviewer for not asking the right question.

Lies of Fabrication

Fabrication is typically the most difficult type of lie for an individual to tell. The dishonest person needs to make up their ‘facts’ as they are telling them, which of course makes it harder to remember later.

Lies of Minimisation

Minimisation involves the person attempting to distort the truth by making statements like “It was an accident” or “It was already damaged though” in an attempt to minimise what they’ve done.

Lies of Exaggeration

This type of lie is similar to the lie of minimisation in that there is a distortion of the truth, however, the subject will overstate what happened. For example, they might say something like, “Yeah, I am responsible for all the losses here.”

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