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Collaboration is Key

As an experienced investigator and interviewer, we encourage you to collaborate with business partners who are tasked to address some of the most difficult investigations. Such investigations could involve sexual harassment, a hostile work environment, or workplace violence.

These types of investigations often come with limited amounts of evidence.  Evidence that is regularly circumstantial and filled with “he-said, she-said” reports of what happened. An investigator is then tasked with sorting through multiple perspectives of one event (or multiple events) and trying to figure out the truth.

Remember, an improperly structured interview can significantly tamper with a complainant’s recollection of events, make a victim feel like the incident was their fault or could prevent other victims from coming forward.  It’s important that these interviews are conducted in a strategic, methodical way in an effort to get the most amount of information while allowing a victim or witness to feel comfortable coming forward with the truth.

If you have more investigative interview experience, please partner with those assigned these types of cases.

Collaborate and share your experience before an interview takes place. One improper interview can significantly impact your organisation and the ability to investigate these difficult and often serious allegations.

by Chris Norris, CFI
Wicklander-Zulawski Europe 

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