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Backing out of an interview

There are several reasons why you, as an interviewer, may want to back out of the interview process. These reasons could include personal safety, time limits, medical concerns, continuous denials and of course, the subject’s innocence.

Remember, you should always treat people with respect and dignity, so in the event an employee does get sent back to work they don’t create additional concerns. One of the ways you can accomplish this goal is to make the subject feel like they are an integral part of the investigation.

The use of the Selective Interview will help to accomplish this. As soon as you realise that you need to back out of the interview, you can use the selective interview sheet to ask questions like, “Who do you think could be involved?”  “Who would you vouch for?”  “Who had the best opportunity?” and so forth.  

Utilising this tactic allows the subject to relax and become part of the investigative process before returning to their work duties. You should avoid sending employees back to work in the heat of the moment and always avoid any cheap parting shots; “I’m keeping an eye on you!” Be sure to follow your company policies, but sending an interviewee back to their workplace can be handled gracefully. 

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