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World's first multi-camera facial recognition security system unveiled

With controversy still raging around privacy issues and the widespread deployment of facial recognition technology, one business has gone one-stage further with a claim that it has developed a system ready to go live as early as January next year.

The equity crowd funded Face Recognition Company (FRC) unveiled its multi-camera face-recognition security product at the International Security Expo in early December.
The company, which has been in stealth mode for three years, pledged to have the most cost-effective and accurate technology on the market, has developed the world’s first ultra-accurate facial recognition security system, optimised for commercial businesses.

Available in January 2020, its first product is designed to provide enhanced security for retail and commercial premises or similar environments. The system can be installed at entrances to identify and alert the store to shoplifters on a watchlist, for example.
Incorporating multiple cameras, machine-learning algorithms and a user-friendly mobile app for providing alerts and managing watchlists, the system is designed for ease-of-use by anyone from store management to security staff. In real-time, it detects by recognising faces that have been flagged previously, before alerting security or management via the app.
Current facial recognition systems typically access CCTV feeds, and are frequently complex, bespoke installations focused on national security, policing and big transportation infrastructure.
“Today’s facial recognition algorithms are very accurate but can only be effective when they have an image of suitable quality and perspective,” said Tim Noest, CEO, The Face Recognition Company.

“Grainy CCTV images or faces captured beyond a certain angle from the front view reduce the accuracy significantly. With our multi-view system, we are focused exclusively on capturing high-quality facial data, greatly increasing the chances of making a positive match.”
The FRC system comprises three components: Cameras, a mobile app and a back-end server.

The FRC company says the system is not designed to be a replacement for existing security infrastructure and processes such as CCTV guards. It is designed to augment security operations to run more effectively and efficiently.


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