Company Profile

— Sep 25, 2019

Cycle Counting

How Halfords Gears Up for Twin Peaks

— Jun 11, 2019

LP Challenges in a "Secure" Environment

A look inside airport retail and restaurants

— Jun 11, 2019

The Game Plan

Game’s Omni-channel Visibility for an Omni-present Threat.

— Mar 27, 2019

Partners Against Crime

John Lewis & Partners uses people-centric approach to profit protection

— Jun 29, 2018

Scream if you want to go faster

Merlin Entertainments - The rollercoaster world of profit protection at Europe’s largest entertainment company

— Dec 14, 2016

Target Hardening the Weakest Links

All retail businesses understand that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, but few, it would appear, seem to adopt a truly "resource to risk" approach in identifying where that weakest link actually is before committing their investments.

— Dec 14, 2016

How to manage "Sky-High" risk when the only way is up

Although Canary Wharf has sky-high ambition, its day-to-day management is solidly grounded. The Canary Wharf Management team is spread throughout the estate - each team located as close as possible to its areas of responsibility to help each person fulfil their role of keeping the 120,000 daily visitors to Canary Wharf safe.

— Oct 4, 2016

Into the Dragons' Lair: Theo Paphitis on Loss, Gain, and the Dragons' Way

According to his twelve golden rules of business, this entrepreneur puts risk reduction and getting his staff on board at the top of this priority list; however, he has a realistic approach to loss prevention.

— Jun 29, 2016

Taking Stock of Stocktaking

Jack Wills Put the Union Jack on the Map and Then Raised the Total Loss Flag

— Mar 30, 2016

Time is Money, and Money is Time for Fossil’s Global Ambitions

The dictionary definition of a fossil is “the remains or impression of a prehistoric plant or animal embedded in rock and preserved in petrified form, a person or thing that is outdated or resistant to change, or a word or phrase that has become obsolete.”

— Dec 9, 2015

A.S. Watson - Where Managing Risk is Elementary

Interview with Darryl Parker, head of Health and Safety at A. S. Watson.

— Sep 28, 2015

ASDA - Leading by example

ASDA’s Fresh Approach through Leadership, In-Sourcing, and Feminine Intuition.

— Jul 7, 2015

Pulling our SOKs up and getting over the Finnish line

How one of Europe’s biggest Cooperatives manages its LP challenges

— Mar 25, 2015

Faking It

When Imitation Ceased to Be the Sincerest Form of Flattery - How Superdry Became Focused on Counterfeit Merchandise.

— Dec 8, 2014

adidas - Levelling the playing field

adidas Launches Its LUMI Data-Mining Tool, Not Only as a Loss Saver, But as a Game Changer and Revenue Generator

— Dec 8, 2014

Aria Resort & Casino, Las Vegas

Holding all the cards when the chips are down. An Interview with Ted Whiting, Director of Surveillance, Aria Resort & Casino

— Jun 25, 2014

Snap Shot from across the pond

A day in the life of an LP professional in the U.S. LP Magazine EU interviewed Rob Shields, director of global loss prevention field operations for Staples, who deals in risk and reward on a major scale about the challenges of his “day job.”

— Jun 25, 2014

Holding the keys to the medicine cabinet

Luke Hudman, head of profit protection for Celesio, talks about the highly regulated, but often forgotten, world of pharmaceutical asset protection.

— Nov 26, 2013

The Only Way Is Ethics

Phil Willsmer, director of group risk services for The Co-operative Group talks to LP Magazine EU about risk, ethics, and his new role as chairman of the Heads of Security for the British Retail Consortium. Phil Willsmer knows a lot about risk. He has lived and breathed it all of his professional life and almost stopped living and breathing because of a time when he was not in control of it.

— Mar 25, 2013

Taking the High Ground on Waste in the Low Lands

Dutch Supermarket Giant Albert Heijn’s Waste Journey Reduces Costs and Carbon.